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Residential Security
Wireless Remotes and Panics

Four and Two button Wireless Remotes can remotely Arm and Disarm your system or be used to transmit an emergency panic while on the premises. It can also be used to turn on lights if a lamp lighter module is employed. These powerful, handy devices operate on a battery that lasts 5-8 years.
Wireless Remote Keypads allow users to control the panel from anywhere in the home. Has all of the features of a hardwired keypad except chime feature and it has no display. Emergency Fire, Medical, and Police panic buttons can be activated from any room of the house.

Wireless Medical Pendants and Buttons allow for elderly or anyone alone to use to get help in a medical emergency situation. A light on the devices lights to indicate the device has transmitted a signal to the control panel.

These devices can come in several different forms including a wrist band medical alert and a pendant that hangs around your kneck.  Either way, it is ready to call for help no matter where you are in your home.



Wired Panic Buttons can be connected to the control panel allowing a user to summon help, usually for programmed as a police panic but can be programmed for any type of notification. Button is recessed to prevent accidental activation.

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