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Residential Security
Window & Door Contacts

Window and Door Contacts (Surface Mount or Recessed) are usually magnetic switches that will provide indication to the control panel that a door or window has been opened. Contacts can be programmed to operate a perimeter protection device, which allows the family to arm the system while inside. Contacts can also be programmed to provide chime feature when disarmed providing notice that someone has entered or exited the house (excellent for monitoring small children and elderly). Contacts are usually placed on all doors and windows on the first floor and sometimes on the second floor windows if a window on the second floor is vulnerable to attack. Samples of some of these switches are displayed below. Various types are used depending on the situation. Shearer Security Devices uses hidden recessed contacts wherever possible especially on wired systems to conceal there existence. Wireless contacts do not always allow for recessed contacts, but will be used where possible.

Window Barrier Bars are used to protect form intrusion through basement windows. Control panel is signaled when the bar is knocked loose or removed from its position. Two types are available: Pressure switch type and mercury switch type. Both allow for the bar to be removed if the system is disarmed to allow for window use.


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