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Smoke & Heat Detection

These devices save lives! And property too. They should be a part of every security system. Especially considering that Shearer Security Devices does not charge any more for monitoring when you add smoke or heat protection (or any other feature for that matter). If you are not at home, electric or battery smoke detectors will not notify the fire department until the fire has spread to a point that it is burning though the roof or windows. TOO LATE! With a monitored smoke and heat detection system connected to your security system the fire department will be dispatched automatically. That could be a life saver if you are at home. Don’t short change yourself by failing to at least add a smoke detector per floor to your system.

Typical smoke detectors purchased at a hardware store are prone to false alarms every time you cook bacon or slightly burn toast. GE Photo Electric Smoke Detectors will not give false alarms because these units must see visible smoke.

Rate of Rise Heat Detectors are used in areas that may be smoke filled at times or a dirty environment such as a garage where there are engines, lawnmowers and other smoke generating equipment. Rooms that generate any volume of steam or other vapors would be more reliable with heat detectors. These inexpensive units activate only on a rapid rate of temperature increase (135 degrees increase over a short period of time). Using these detectors in a high temperature environment such as attics or steam rooms is not a problem because it is the rate of rise in temperature the detector is looking for.

Note: Most insurance companies offer additional discounts for adding smoke and heat detection to your system….check with your agent ….. save a life and money.


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