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Watch Your Wigs!

Video Surveillance SystemEarlier today police said a woman stole two wigs from a beauty supply store in East Lampeter Township Lancaster County in the area of Lincoln Highway East.  Apparently the woman snatched the wigs and stuffed them in her purse before leaving the premises.  The theft was not noticed until it was a little too late and she was gone.  Video of the woman was captured by on site surveillance, but the quality was less than desirable.

In a retail location surveillance cameras play a huge part in the prosecution and identification of thieves.  A large percentage of retail stores have surveillance cameras.  A large percentage of those stores have surveillance cameras that are older than five years.  

Surveillance cameras have come a long way in five years and the blurry images of the past are....history.  Modern surveillance systems can capture images 5 megapixels or more which is several times that of the picture quality of most HD TVs on the market today.  

What does that mean to a retail shop owner?
With some of the new IP Megapixel cameras available you can zoom in many times to see even the smallest detail - AFTER the video was recorded.  On older systems if you attempt to zoom in even a little you will loose picture quality and your image will be extremely pix-elated.

Implementing both interior and exterior IP Megapixel Surveillance Cameras can greatly reduce loss and increase the likelihood that the police will locate a suspect.  A good exterior camera focused on the parking lot and a second (or third) on the entrances and exits will help identify the year, make model and even licence plate of someone who removed product from your location. 

A word of advise to retail store owners in the Harrisburg, York and Lancaster Area.
If your surveillance system is not showing a clear picture of someones face or you cant make out what they have in their hands, it may be time to upgrade to a system that will work when it is needed most.

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