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State of the Art Security Systems

There are a lot of choices when purchasing a home security system.  Modern technology now allows your alarm to do things once only dreamed of.  With the integration of Z-wave technology into alarm systems your whole world could change.

Did you ever leave your home and forget to turn off the curling iron or coffee pot?  Do you have an alarm and got to work only to remember you forgot to arm your security system?  Do you have children and wonder if they ever made it home from school?  Modern alarm systems can help you will all of these problems.  

Using a smartphone or internet browser you can turn off lights and small appliances, lock or unlock your door, adjust your thermostat, arm or disarm your alarm system and so much more.  If you integrate cameras into your alarm system you can get notifications that little jimmy disarmed the alarm at 3:15 and have a picture or video emailed or texted to your smartphone.  You can even get a notification when you leave your home that you forgot to arm your alarm.

There are so many things a modern alarm can do that I can't even begin to list them all.  One solution that I use is monitoring medicine cabinets and my safe.  If either door is opened even when the alarm is not on, I receive a text message on my smart phone.  This tells me that someone opened these locations and I should check it out as I do not want my kids in either place.  I also turned on a feature that tells me if I leave my safe or medicine cabinet open for more than 5 minutes (programmable from 1-120 minutes).  This basically tells me that I forgot to close the door and I need to get these doors secure.

This is another useful feature I use at my home.  My touchscreen electronic front door deadbolt lock is integrated with my alarm system.  Here is a list of things I use it for.
1.  My lock and alarm talk to each other and share user information.  My lock code also works my alarm.
2.  When my alarm goes into armed status, my deadbolt locks.
3.  When I unlock my deadbolt using my 4 digit code, my alarm disarms.
4.  Whenever the lock is unlocked the user who unlocked it is recorded in the alarm systems history so you can easily see who is coming in.
5.  When a fire alarm is triggered my HVAC turns off to prevent the spread of smoke, my door lock unlocks to allow fire dept in and people out and my lights turn on lighting the way to safety.
6.  I can lock or unlock my door via smartphone or internet browser.
7.  I can provide a code to the lock and alarm that will work by schedule.  This is useful for situations like housekeepers and service people.

State of the art alarm systems include an easy to use touch screen keypad.  Gone are the days of pressing # and * to get things done.  With just the on screen button you can add users without bringing out a user manual or calling the alarm company.

I have found a ton of uses for the modern technology around my home.  I am sure there are many that can benefit from an alarm system with these state of the art features.

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