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Securing Our Schools In Central Pennsylvania

I have one child in the school system and two others quickly approaching the

Protecting Our Schools age to begin the daily trip to public education here in the Harrisburg, PA area.  After the Sandy Hook school shooting it has become apparent that our children simply are not safe.  I don't know what steps the public school systems will take in the future to keep our kids safe, but I hope they are significant steps toward superb school security.  Here are a few steps I would like to see taken to help keep my kids safe.

 I think most schools are locked down most of the day, but I think all doors should be locked including interior doors during class.  This would make it much harder for one person to have access to many students for the majority of the school day.  These interior doors can be upgraded to steel doors with bullet resistant security film on any windows within the doors.

2.  One step many schools will not take is bulletproof glass at all the entrance doors into the school.  This is a costly step, but one that would greatly improve security for our children.  Here at Shearer Security Devices we sell security film that is vandal proof and a higher grade that is bullet resistant.  Installation of the bullet resistant security film can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of bulletproof glass and it would provide many times the security that our current glass doors provide.

3.  All visitors should enter a man trap with metal detectors prior to entering the school.   Office staff would view and speak to the visitor over HD video cameras and intercoms. This would allow office staff to detect weapons prior to them entering the school and if detected would prevent the weapons from being used prior to police arriving.  The man trap would have high grade bulletproof walls, doors and glass to prevent bullet penetration and escape while the police are called. 

4.  I like the idea of armed retired police in each school.  This would act as a deterrent and may be just the solution if someone would manage to gain access to the school.  I would post them at central points throughout the day and at main entrances during student entering and exiting the building

5.  I think all student should enter through metal detectors in every school.  One gun in the school is all it takes for a bad situation - stop them all before entering the school.  I think the invasion of our kids privacy is worth possibly saving their lives.

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