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Burglars Smash Windows on North 6th Street In Harrisburg To Burglarize Businesses

On the morning of March 19, 2012 Susquehanna Township Police responded to two burglarized businesses in close proximity on 6th Street in Harrisburg, PA.  Each business was entered by breaking the windows out.  An undetermined amount of cash was stolen from each of the two businesses and each business found significant damage to their property.

The business owners of these two properties could have done several things to prevent this situation from taking place.

1.  One of the most important security decisions a business can make is calling a reputable alarm company to provide a security system to keep their business safe.  Had either place installed an alarm it is likely the burglars would have never even attempted to break in.  Had the burglars attempted to break in they would not have got far before setting the alarm off and the police showing up.

2.  A good burglar safe would have likely prevented any cash from being stolen.  If a safe is used in combination with an alarm system the burglars would have had very minimal time to get to the safe and open it.  I highly suggest all businesses that store valuables use a safe and alarm combination to prevent burglary and possibly even deter it.

3.  Security window film on the windows at these location would have made it near impossible to break into the businesses the way these burglars did.  Security window film can come in several security levels from vandal resistant to bullet proof.  Installing the vandal resistant security film would not have prevented the windows from being broken, but it would have held the glass together preventing entry through the window.

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