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Shearer Lock, Safe & Security received the Best of Harrisburg Award for the fourth consecutive year in the Security Systems Services category by the USCA.  Only 1 in 250 (less than half of 1%) of 2012 award recipients qualified as Four-Time Award Winners. - Remote Home Automation and Security

We are preparing to visit Washington, DC later this week to attend the Partner Summit. allows users to access their alarm system and home automation from any computer or smart phone with internet capabilities. is becoming a more and more popular option in the Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania area.  By utilizing a 2GIG alarm system and services you can control lights, locks, thermostats and garage doors. services even allow you to view live video or take snapshots of your home while your away. integrates seamlessly with the 2GIG alarm so you can see when the system is disarmed by little Jimmy or you can arm the system when little Jimmy leaves and forgets.

Geoservices is's newest addition.  Geoservices will tell you when you leave your home and forget to arm your alarm.  Geoservices can also be set up to turn on your lights, disarm your alarm, adjust the thermostat and unlock the door when you get withing a specified distance of your home.

There are many advances in technology that will allow you to do things we could only dream of a few years back.  By incorporating into your security system you will gain control and a feeling of well being knowing your home or business is secure.

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Affordable Full HD 3 & 5 Megapixel IP Video Surveillance Systems

We now carry an affordable line of megapixel IP cameras for DIY installers or we can professionally install the system for you.  If you have an existing analog system we can even utilize some of your existing cameras and add full HD cameras to it to help minimize upfront costs.  This will allow you to add full HD as you need it.

Our newest systems also provide POS integration which overlays register transaction text over the camera image.  This is useful in all retail situations to help identify and prosecute theft and skimming.

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Shearer Shield

Video Surveillance Used To Fight Crime In Harrisburg, York & Lancaster Pennsylvania

Modern video surveillance systems are used more and more every day to fight crime.  When police are attempting to identify a terrorist like in the Boston Marathon Bombings or when they are looking for a simple thief, video cameras can be a huge help.

Even here in the Harrisburg, York and Lancaster area police use images captured on video surveillance often to fight crime.  Walk down the street in most towns and cities and you will likely be on camera.  Installing a video surveillance system in your home or business can help protect you, your neighbors or your community.

State of the Art Security Systems

There are a lot of choices when purchasing a home security system.  Modern technology now allows your alarm to do things once only dreamed of.  With the integration of Z-wave technology into alarm systems your whole world could change.

Did you ever leave your home and forget to turn off the curling iron or coffee pot?  Do you have an alarm and got to work only to remember you forgot to arm your security system?  Do you have children and wonder if they ever made it home from school?  Modern alarm systems can help you will all of these problems.  

Using a smartphone or internet browser you can turn off lights and small appliances, lock or unlock your door, adjust your thermostat, arm or disarm your alarm system and so much more.  If you integrate cameras into your alarm system you can get notifications that little jimmy disarmed the alarm at 3:15 and have a picture or video emailed or texted to your smartphone.  You can even get a notification when you leave your home that you forgot to arm your alarm.

There are so many things a modern alarm can do that I can't even begin to list them all.  One solution that I use is monitoring medicine cabinets and my safe.  If either door is opened even when the alarm is not on, I receive a text message on my smart phone.  This tells me that someone opened these locations and I should check it out as I do not want my kids in either place.  I also turned on a feature that tells me if I leave my safe or medicine cabinet open for more than 5 minutes (programmable from 1-120 minutes).  This basically tells me that I forgot to close the door and I need to get these doors secure.

This is another useful feature I use at my home.  My touchscreen electronic front door deadbolt lock is integrated with my alarm system.  Here is a list of things I use it for.
1.  My lock and alarm talk to each other and share user information.  My lock code also works my alarm.
2.  When my alarm goes into armed status, my deadbolt locks.
3.  When I unlock my deadbolt using my 4 digit code, my alarm disarms.
4.  Whenever the lock is unlocked the user who unlocked it is recorded in the alarm systems history so you can easily see who is coming in.
5.  When a fire alarm is triggered my HVAC turns off to prevent the spread of smoke, my door lock unlocks to allow fire dept in and people out and my lights turn on lighting the way to safety.
6.  I can lock or unlock my door via smartphone or internet browser.
7.  I can provide a code to the lock and alarm that will work by schedule.  This is useful for situations like housekeepers and service people.

State of the art alarm systems include an easy to use touch screen keypad.  Gone are the days of pressing # and * to get things done.  With just the on screen button you can add users without bringing out a user manual or calling the alarm company.

I have found a ton of uses for the modern technology around my home.  I am sure there are many that can benefit from an alarm system with these state of the art features.

Watch Your Wigs!

Video Surveillance SystemEarlier today police said a woman stole two wigs from a beauty supply store in East Lampeter Township Lancaster County in the area of Lincoln Highway East.  Apparently the woman snatched the wigs and stuffed them in her purse before leaving the premises.  The theft was not noticed until it was a little too late and she was gone.  Video of the woman was captured by on site surveillance, but the quality was less than desirable.

In a retail location surveillance cameras play a huge part in the prosecution and identification of thieves.  A large percentage of retail stores have surveillance cameras.  A large percentage of those stores have surveillance cameras that are older than five years.  

Surveillance cameras have come a long way in five years and the blurry images of the past are....history.  Modern surveillance systems can capture images 5 megapixels or more which is several times that of the picture quality of most HD TVs on the market today.  

What does that mean to a retail shop owner?
With some of the new IP Megapixel cameras available you can zoom in many times to see even the smallest detail - AFTER the video was recorded.  On older systems if you attempt to zoom in even a little you will loose picture quality and your image will be extremely pix-elated.

Implementing both interior and exterior IP Megapixel Surveillance Cameras can greatly reduce loss and increase the likelihood that the police will locate a suspect.  A good exterior camera focused on the parking lot and a second (or third) on the entrances and exits will help identify the year, make model and even licence plate of someone who removed product from your location. 

A word of advise to retail store owners in the Harrisburg, York and Lancaster Area.
If your surveillance system is not showing a clear picture of someones face or you cant make out what they have in their hands, it may be time to upgrade to a system that will work when it is needed most.

Burglars Smash Windows on North 6th Street In Harrisburg To Burglarize Businesses

On the morning of March 19, 2012 Susquehanna Township Police responded to two burglarized businesses in close proximity on 6th Street in Harrisburg, PA.  Each business was entered by breaking the windows out.  An undetermined amount of cash was stolen from each of the two businesses and each business found significant damage to their property.

The business owners of these two properties could have done several things to prevent this situation from taking place.

1.  One of the most important security decisions a business can make is calling a reputable alarm company to provide a security system to keep their business safe.  Had either place installed an alarm it is likely the burglars would have never even attempted to break in.  Had the burglars attempted to break in they would not have got far before setting the alarm off and the police showing up.

2.  A good burglar safe would have likely prevented any cash from being stolen.  If a safe is used in combination with an alarm system the burglars would have had very minimal time to get to the safe and open it.  I highly suggest all businesses that store valuables use a safe and alarm combination to prevent burglary and possibly even deter it.

3.  Security window film on the windows at these location would have made it near impossible to break into the businesses the way these burglars did.  Security window film can come in several security levels from vandal resistant to bullet proof.  Installing the vandal resistant security film would not have prevented the windows from being broken, but it would have held the glass together preventing entry through the window.

Securing Our Schools In Central Pennsylvania

I have one child in the school system and two others quickly approaching the

Protecting Our Schools age to begin the daily trip to public education here in the Harrisburg, PA area.  After the Sandy Hook school shooting it has become apparent that our children simply are not safe.  I don't know what steps the public school systems will take in the future to keep our kids safe, but I hope they are significant steps toward superb school security.  Here are a few steps I would like to see taken to help keep my kids safe.

 I think most schools are locked down most of the day, but I think all doors should be locked including interior doors during class.  This would make it much harder for one person to have access to many students for the majority of the school day.  These interior doors can be upgraded to steel doors with bullet resistant security film on any windows within the doors.

2.  One step many schools will not take is bulletproof glass at all the entrance doors into the school.  This is a costly step, but one that would greatly improve security for our children.  Here at Shearer Security Devices we sell security film that is vandal proof and a higher grade that is bullet resistant.  Installation of the bullet resistant security film can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of bulletproof glass and it would provide many times the security that our current glass doors provide.

3.  All visitors should enter a man trap with metal detectors prior to entering the school.   Office staff would view and speak to the visitor over HD video cameras and intercoms. This would allow office staff to detect weapons prior to them entering the school and if detected would prevent the weapons from being used prior to police arriving.  The man trap would have high grade bulletproof walls, doors and glass to prevent bullet penetration and escape while the police are called. 

4.  I like the idea of armed retired police in each school.  This would act as a deterrent and may be just the solution if someone would manage to gain access to the school.  I would post them at central points throughout the day and at main entrances during student entering and exiting the building

5.  I think all student should enter through metal detectors in every school.  One gun in the school is all it takes for a bad situation - stop them all before entering the school.  I think the invasion of our kids privacy is worth possibly saving their lives.