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Residential Security

Motion Detectors

A Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) is designed to see a change in body heat. Movement of a body through a protected area activates a signal to the control panel. These devices are generally used as a back up to your primary protection. They can be programmed as an instant alarm or as one with a delay to allow for authorized passage usually to a keypad for a set period of time.

Motion Detectors are often the blame for false alarms, however if your lifestyle is considered and the placement of the detector is designed properly no false alarms occur. Reasons for placement errors are pets, warm air currents (heating and air conditioning) and hanging decorations. Shearer Security Devices has installed hundreds of motion detectors with Great Success.

Pet Immune Motion Detectors are specially designed to allow for pet movement in a protected area. This remarkable sensor will allow a 100 lb dog or a cat to walk right past without being detected. One of the better models uses a combination of passive infrared and microwave and must be detected by both to activate. No more corralling up your animals before you leave.

Have a large dog? Shearer Security Devices can still provide freedom for your pet. By utilizing Pet immune motion detectors, placement and “masking” we can use motion detection as a backup without any false alarms. “Placement” is critical, for instance, dogs answer doors. A detector pointing at the front door would be a likely source of activation when there is no intruder. Dogs, on the overhand, do not walk on their hind legs down a hall way or an open area. By placing a pet immune motion detector looking down a hall way or across an area where the dog would not be climbing and masking or blocking the view of the detector as to not see the dog (as if putting your hand over the lower portion of your viewing area…the dog is not seen and allowed to roam freely). Shearer Security Devices has used this technique many times with absolutely no problems.


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