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GE offers a variety of keypads all designed with functionality in mind. They blend with virtually any décor. GE keypads feature easy to read information displays, emergency keys and simple to use function keys.

GE’s GTS 50 Touchpad is a touch screen interface for Concord Panels. Touch screen technology enables user to perform system commands by touching icons on the touchpad screen. Changes made on the system automatically display on the touch screen, enabling the user to maintain the system. The touch screen can arm the system, disarm the system, activate an emergency Fire, Medical or Police panic, check system status, and turn system controlled lighting on or off (all or individual). Mounts recessed inside existing walls. Over all size is 5.875” W X 4.5”H X 2.3”D.
Super Bus 2000 LCD 2X16 Keypad is available in two versions. Both versions are Digital and Backlit for operation without having to turn lights on.

The Fixed English version displays in easy to read digital Liquid Quartz Display a fixed English message giving you complete system information. Other than its non-customizable messages this keypad has all of the features of the LCD Alphanumeric version. Its lower cost makes this version an excellent choice for a second keypad.

The LCD Alphanumeric Keypad version displays in easy to read digital LCD a customizable message, such as Front Door, Chris’s Room, Living Room Smoke, rather than just “Zone 1” indications.

Both keypads feature built in emergency panic buttons for Fire, Medical Assist, and Police Panic. Clear labeled function keys, one button arming, automatic Stay and Away modes, Status Key, and Quick Exit button. Overall size is 4 ¾” W X 5 ¾”H X ¾”D.


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