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High Security Key Control

Who has keys to your building? Are you sure? Even if you rekey the building and distribute the new keys to your employees, what is stopping them from getting a copy made? How do you know when they leave your employ that they have given you all of the keys they have? Even if you have the keys stamped “DO NOT DUPLICATE” does not guarantee that the key will not get copied. There is no law that says a key can not be duplicated when stamped “do not duplicate”.

High Security Restricted Keys can not be duplicated by unauthorized persons. When an employee is terminated or quits you know that when they turn in their key, they have not copied it, therefore rekeying is not required.

High Security locks are also pick resistant, drill resistant, and the most resistant locks to an actual attack. If you are concerned about lock security or desire key control, High Security Locks with Restricted Keys are the way to go.

Shearer Security Devices is an authorized dealer of six different High Security Key Systems. We have a system that fits your needs and your budget.

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