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Residential Security
Glass Break Sensors

These dual technology devices are designed to detect an intruder entering by breaking glass in a window or door. They can be mounted on your ceiling, on adjacent walls, or opposing walls if within 20 feet. They are a line of sight devices and are not designed to go around walls. They are generally used in conjunction with window and door contact protection so the intruder has no way to gain entry into the house without activating the alarm.


With this combination, your entire system can be in operation even when you are in your home. With motion detectors and contacts, the motions are either turned off or it will limit you to areas of your home.

Shock Sensors are an alternative to glass break detectors. Used mostly on larger windows and where glass break detectors are not usable due to noise or large distance from glass to detector.

They can give a earlier signal of intruder due to the beating on window glass before it breaks.


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