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*A business fire alarm may qualify you for a reduction in your insurance rates.

Business Fire Alarm Systems

Regardless of the size of your property, a business fire alarm system should be considered for the protection of inhabitants and property.  We can help design a system to help keep you and your propery safe.
A business
fire alarm systems will detect, alert occupants, and notify authorities whether the building is occupied or not at the first sign of danger. Fires detected and reported in the early stages can save your business, records, inventory and possibly lives. Don't over look having monitored smoke and fire detection for your business.

Shearer Security Devices provides Central Station Monitoring for fire and smoke at very affordable prices. Smoke Detection for your business will not cost you anything, if we are monitoring your burglar alarm and you do not require daily test signals. The cost will be just $15.95 per month if you wish to have only fire and smoke. Some Commercial panels require daily test signals be sent to the Central Station, this extra communication is slightly additional, starting at $34.95 per month.

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