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Environmental Detectors and Sensors

Water Detector Concerned about water in your basement or washer hose breaking or coming loose or sump pump sticking? A Water Detector added to your system can notify you on your cell phone or at work when there is a water situation at your home possibly saving your possessions from getting ruined and perhaps a large water bill.


Freeze Sensors Going on an extended trip? Florida perhaps? A Freeze Sensor assures you that you do not have a problem brewing at home with a malfunctioning furnace. During the winter it does not take long to have pipes freeze, burst, and create a real mess when they thaw. A Freeze Sensor will notify you when the temperature in you home drops below 40 degrees.

High/Low Temperature Sensor is an adjustable temperature sensor that will make notification when temperatures get too high or fall too low. Excellent for freezers, refrigerators, greenhouses, and other applications where temperature is critical.


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