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Residential Security
Control Panels


These devices are the heart of your security system. They are used to arm and disarm your security system. They have one button arming and four digit security code disarming. Fire, Medical assist and Police Panics are built in on each keypad. Just by pushing and holding for two seconds will alert Central Station and the necessary authorities will be dispatched for you. It is simple to use and operate. Designed with your children, grandparents, and you in mind.

Simon Control Panels packs a new level of advanced wireless security into a console design that is smaller and more attractive than anything that has come before. Simon has more “high value” consumer features; incredible new performance and built-in quality that has made GE the most trusted name in wireless brand in the world. Simon proves that great things really do come in small packages. This panel is great for apartment renters and people who want the portability of a system, allowing the system to be moved to a new residence with minimal labor.


The Concord Hybrid and Integrated Panels allow flexibility to switch from a wired to a wireless installation all within the same installation. These panels also allow for easy upgrades and additions. They come standard with 8 hardwired zones and 16 wireless zones. Integrated panels can be standard with 16 or 32 wireless zones. Both panels can be easily expanded to handle more zones giving you more control of individual devices.