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Shearer Security Device has many burglar alarm systemanbusiness alarm systems throughout Pennsylvania.  Keep a look out for our bright yellow shield, telling you that that business is protected by a shearer security business alarm system.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Businesses without a business alarm systems are 5 times more likely to be burglarized than those with professionally installed burglar alarm systems. The International Association of Chiefs of Police passed a Board Resolution stating that professionally installed and monitored alarm systems are a useful deterrent to theft and peace of mind to business owners.

Shearer Security Devices can provide a commercial alarm system that will protect your business, inventory, records, and employees from intruders at a very reasonable investment and can provide monitoring of that system for only $15.95 per Month. No matter how many devices or how large a system it still does not change the rate. When you can have the best business alarm system on the market, installed in the most professional manner and the best possible service at the lowest rate available it only makes sense to have Shearer Security Devices as your security provider.  Call today for a free security consolation or request more information here







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