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Backup Communication and Interactive Internet

Wireless Radio Communication Did you know that if your telephone lines were to be cut your alarm system has no way of receiving the signals from the system. Alarm systems monitor your devices and when it sees there is a problem it dials the Central Station and sends signals describing the situation. If those telephone lines are cut the signal does not get through. In the past we have used Cellular Back up systems to send signals as an alternative communications. Cellular back up connects directly to your siren output of the system and can only send a signal that there is a burglary or a smoke alarm. There is no information as to which smoke detector or what type of situation there is. New technology by GE’s Wireless Radio transmits all of your signals to our Central Station. The Central Station will receive any signal your security system would normally send keeping them and you fully informed when telephone lines are cut or if the telephone system would go down for any reason. GE’s Module can even be used for those clients that have no land line phone (voice over IP, cellular etc).

Unless you have underground service, if you check your residence, I’m sure you’ll find that you telephone lines are on the outside of your house and enter it low enough that a would be thief could cut the line and have free access to your home without worrying about the alarm giving him away top police. You bought an alarm system to protect you from such situations…make sure the signals get through. Contact Shearer Security Devices and inquire about adding the Module to your system.


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Interactive Internet Want to have FULL view of your system from any where? Want to have the ability to arm and disarm the system? Know when the house keeper arrives or the kids got home from school? The module allows a user to monitor the status of every sensor in their system from any computer, PDA, E-mail, mobile through the internet. System activity such as alarms, sensor activity, power failures, system arming and disarming and more can be reported to the user via phone, e-mail or text messaging notification in real time according to the user’s notification settings.