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Access Control System

The final leg of the Commercial Security package is to gain control of who is entering your building. The minimum you need to do as a business owner is to control who has your keys by restricting key duplication with high security key control systems.  A better solution is a Access Control System which has audit control, so if there is a problem such as missing computers or vandalism, you will know who was in the building at a given time. Depending on your particular circumstances Shearer Security Devices uses Keri Access Control Systems or GE’s Topaz and Alliance Access control systems. All these platforms use Proximity cards or fobs, which has taken the place of swipe cards. These new cards are guaranteed for life. A small wire coil in the card energizes a small transmitter in the card when brought close to the reader and transmits a code to the controller which analyzes whether authority should be granted for entry. Individual cards can be restricted to times or doors because each coded card is unique to that user. Should a card or person be “locked out” a Windows® based system makes it simple to control each card by the click of a mouse. No need to call a locksmith to change all the locks…a large savings for some locations and a saving in time also.

All events are stored for easy retrieval by the user in the form of reports which can be filtered to obtain specific information in the event of vandalism or theft. These reports even report the attempted use of “locked out” cards.

Here is what an access control system can do for you:
  • It can control the entrance to your building or areas of your building.
  • It will lock and unlock doors of the building automatically at a set time.
  • No more locks to change when an individual is fired or dismissed.
  • It can produce reports of who was in the building and at what time.

The ultimate in commercial security is a combination of all of the aspects of security into one system, Intruder and Fire Alarm, Video Surveillance and Access Control in one package. Integration of Video with Alarm and Access Control can be used to record person coming and going. High tech video cameras and Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) can actually move and zoom in, to record any persons entering or leaving the building or area.


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